person standing on a stack of books overlooking a bright city skyline Current bookstore software sunsetting? Booklog keeps your POS horizons bright!

As QuickBooks POS discontinues their product support, consider a POS and inventory control system that was designed and built specifically with independent booksellers in mind. For 40 years, Booklog has been leading the industry in book inventory and POS software solutions for independent booksellers. In that time, more than 2,100 bookstores have trusted our system. What’s more, Booklog continues to be developed directly from the business needs and suggestions of our customers. When you buy our software, you’re buying four decades of curated bookselling experience.

"Having Booklog as the inventory management/point-of-sale system has made my life much simpler. It’s easy to use and has really changed how we are able to do our work."

--Harvest Bookstore.

Maybe your current POS system wasn’t designed with your bookselling business in mind. With Booklog, you can make an easy switch to a system that is QuickBooks compatible, has comprehensive eCommerce interfaces, and also interfaces with crucial book industry resources like Ingram, Edelweiss, Pubnet, and Pubeasy.

As you look for a new POS solution, don’t overlook your most powerful and affordable option - Booklog!

What Booklog offers:

  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Powerful, versatile POS
  • Portable POS and remote access
  • Tracks purchase orders, invoices and returns
  • Manages gift cards
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Event ordering and sales management
  • True Windows-based programming

Booklog is Compatible with:

  • Ingram and iPage
  • Quickbooks
  • Square and Clover
  • Timber and IndieCommerce
  • Edelweiss
  • Pubnet and Pubeasy

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