Training for Independent Bookstores

Re-invigorate your Booklog skills! Booklog’s weekly online classes cover basic and advanced topics, designed to guide new users and to stimulate seasoned users.

Classes follow a yearly schedule, designed around store needs. Each December, January and June, physical inventory classes remind you of the necessary steps. Each October, purchasing classes teach you how to streamline your end-of-year orders.

  • Online classes are free to stores with maintenance agreements. Stores without maintenance agreements can take the classes for $100 each.
  • Email to sign up for a class. Please include the name of your store and the name and date of the class you would like to take.)
  • Each class is video-recorded and the video gets sent to anyone who signed up to attend the class. If no one attends the class, then the trainer will not teach the class and will have no video to send.

If there are any other classes you would like to see, or existing classes you would like to see at other times of the year, please let us know! We would love to hear what you think