POS & Inventory Control Systems


Managing your sales floor is time consuming and your behind-the-scenes tasks can make your workday even longer. Booklog's extensive back office features give you efficient control over those duties that are so vital to your profitability and success.


Booklog gives you the tools to make smart purchasing decisions as well as create orders quickly and easily. Auto Create POs by reorder point, quantity on hand, categories, or departments. Want more precise ordering? Use multiple calculation options to select items and quantities based on projected sales.

  • Item level sales history appears on purchase orders
  • Full Electronic Ordering capabilities over FTP including Pubnet
  • Manage Special and Mail Orders
  • Save Vendor Preferences
  • Re-Order reminder list


Booklog simplifies your receiving process and instantly updates your inventory with receiving session data. Whether you are receiving books or items with customized graphics involving multiple vendors, Booklog will get items into your inventory for sale as quickly as possible.

  • Receive by PO, invoice, or packing list
  • Receive all or receive by exception
  • Receive by scanning
  • On screen notification of special order or mail order items
  • Auto email notification of special orders for customers
  • Track multiple SKUs
  • Track Invoice number, date and freight charges
  • Print labels directly from receiving
  • Report on customer orders received and receiving exceptions
  • Automatically move cancelled items to another PO

Returns & Write Offs

When damaged goods are received or you have to send back slow sellers, Booklog takes the guesswork out of building returns. Write offs help you remove depreciated or donated items from your inventory and record the reasons why and where those items went.

  • Track vendor requirements such as permission and return limits
  • Automatically attach saved invoice information to return items
  • Automate return creation based upon slow sellers, invoice dates, and overstock


System security is an important part of running your store. Booklog provides a comprehensive, PCI compliant, role based security model that allows you to quickly assign or remove customized security levels to any user account.

  • PCI compliant password enforcement (requires credit card authorization interface)
  • Override code for high-level personnel to perform restricted functions without changing users
  • Unlimited users with password-controlled access
  • Unlimited security profiles
  • Restriction of voids, refunds, price changes, no sales, customer data and much more
  • NSF tracking and restrictions